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Event ideas Abu Dhabi

Event idea abu dhabi

Private island dining

Private island - exclusive dining

The group will be transferred in a boat. While cruising silently pass through the modern skyscrapers and mirrored towers which dominate the city skyline and justify Abu Dhabi's title "Manhattan of the Middle East".

Marvel at the reflections in the water of brightly-lit domes, towers, minarets and fountains lining the famous Corniche as and alongside the popular seafront promenade under the stars.

This is one of the most picturesque sites in Abu Dhabi. The group will arrive at an exclusive island for a lovely dinner under the dazzling stars.

Event idea abu dhabi

Pearl fishing

The UAE is famous for its pearl trade & Pearl Diving was part of the daily life in the UAE, as it was one of the main sources of income. The Abu Dhabi Pearl Journey experience is a unique concept to enrich people’s knowledge on the history of the pearling industry in the Arabian Gulf region. It also shows how the UAE’s forefathers dedicated their lives to collect thousands of seashells in hope to find a pearl.
This program is offered and managed by Emirati * International Cultural experts and guides.

The Pearl Journey will begin as your guests board the authentic “Jalboot”, their pearling traditional boat. On comfortable seats at the Arabian Majlis on the Jalboot, while being served some Arabic snacks and beverages, the journey will begin.

A brief wil be delivered by the pearl journey guide and let the Hoyamal begin…