World’s largest man-made safari park opens in Abu Dhabi by DMC Abu Dhabi

World’s largest man-made safari park opens in Abu Dhabi by DMC Abu Dhabi

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Antelopes, lions, giraffes and zebras at Al Ain Safari

It’s another world’s biggest for the UAE – this time, a safari park in Al Ain, which is the largest man-made park on the globe giving visitors the chance to get up close and personal with more than 250 animals, all in a natural habitat.

The safari park extends over 217 hectares in area at the foothills of the Al Hajar Mountains – the size of 304 football pitches. Looking out the windows of the tour vehicle, seeing only wild animals among grass and sand with mountains in the distance, it is easy to forget that this is in the heart of a modern city.

Al Ain Safari park has been masterfully crafted out of the desert environment to incorporate its pristine surrounds and the experience will be unique, being driven entirely by Emirati tour guides. This will emphasise local traditions and warm hospitality, drawing on an unrivalled passion for the UAE’s proud heritage.

The safari is not just home to Arabian and African animals, such as the scimitar oryx, springbok, eland, blesbok, giraffe, zebra and lion, but also to 38 native and African plants.

Over the next year eight more species will be introduced, big birds such as ostriches and crocodiles and hippos will be housed in an enclosure that makes it possible to view them both above and under the water. Also an Elephant Safari, Asian and an Arabian Safari are well under way.


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