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Abu Dhabi climate and when to go Abu Dhabi


United Arab Emirates Climate:
The sun shines all the year round in the UAE and makes it an ideal summer resort.
Moderate climate is found between October and March, days are sunny and pleasant (average temperature: 26*C). Nights are cool (average temperature: 15*C)
Summer is between April and September, where temperatures peaking at 50*C with high humidity levels.

Abu Dhabi Climate
Abu Dhabi has a sub-tropical, arid climate. Sunny, blue skies can be expected most of the year. Rainfall is infrequent and irregular, falling mainly in winter. Temperatures range from a low of about 10.5deg.C to a high of 48deg.C. The daily maximum is 24C in January rising to 41C in July.

When to go
Abu Dhabi enjoys almost year round sunshine and what little rainfall there is, usually occurs during the months of December until April. Temperatures from October to May make Abu Dhabi a popular winter sun resort for European visitors and whilst the months of June to September are very hot, they offer excellent value for money; and of course you will find most buildings in Abu Dhabi are air conditioned for your comfort.


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